Roach: 'I'm very confident we will win the fight'

Milan Ordoñez on Feb 27, 2015 09:16 AM
Roach: 'I'm very confident we will win the fight'
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MANILA - Freddie Roach is usually known for having the boldness that many times comes off as arrogance when it comes to fight predictions. But against Mayweather, he has surprisingly shown more poise and collectiveness, so far.

A long-time trainer and former fighter under the legendary Eddie Futch, the 54-year old Roach carries a wealth of experience under his belt. Which is why even if he considers the upcoming mega bout as "the biggest fight of his life," he remains self-assured, both in his skills as a mentor, and in his fighter's capabilities, more importantly.

"I'm very happy, and I'm very confident we will win the fight," Roach told "I have a good game plan for Manny, and I've altered the game plan some over the last five to six years since this fight has been something everyone wanted to see. I've made adjustments to it since both guys are a little older. I'm watching tape on their last two fights each."

"Manny and me have already been talking about the strategy. Once he gets here, he knows what I want from him."

Already billed as the "Fight of the Century", the May 2nd clash between Mayweather and Pacquiao took almost six grueling years to make. While both men did end up facing other opponents along the way, Roach never let go of the possibility that the two boxing greats will one day meet in the center of the ring. Rightfully, he had also made the necessary adjustments along the way.

"They're not the same as they were five years ago, but it's a winnable fight for us if we fight the right fight," Roach continued. "There's a lot of pressure, but I'm not going to be nervous. Pressure is good. I want to perform, and I want my fighter to do the best he can."

Pacquiao will be flying in from the Philippines on Saturday night (Manila time), right after KIA Carnival's PBA game against Blackwater Elite. Of course, arriving way ahead of schedule has made Freddie Roach a happy man, given the amount of work they will need to accomplish.

"Manny called me and said it's been so crazy in the Philippines that he is going to come over here early and probably start at Wild Card on March 2," said Roach. "Having him early is really nice for me. We'll have Justin Fortune doing strength work with him, and then we'll begin the boxing part and start sparring."

"There's a lot riding on this fight. It's a big one. It's exciting. People are congratulating me that we got the fight. I said, 'Don't congratulate me now. Congratulate me when we win it.'"



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