The Fighter and the Family Man

Santino Honasan on Mar 02, 2015 05:59 PM
The Fighter and the Family Man

On March 28, former five-division World boxing champion Nonito “the Filipino Flash” Donaire will be competing back in the Philippines for the first time since 2009. The former champ has stated over and over again that he’s very excited to be fighting in front of Filipino fans, but he’s got something more to be excited about later this year.

In an interview with DZMM, Donaire announced that his wife Rachel is pregnant with their second boy and is due to give birth in late May. Due to travel restrictions, Nonito had to travel to the Philippines without his wife with him, something that he says has not happened for a very long time.

With a big fight back in the Philippines coming up and a second baby boy on the way, one might ask what “the Filipino Flash” is more excited about.

“That’s something that you can’t compare. Priority-wise, just seeing my first son now, figuring colors and numbers and all that stuff, it just makes you a proud parent. There’s nothing more than the feeling of knowing how healthy, how smart , and how beautiful this being is, with his smile, with everything and being able to see it again soon in another child…” Donaire told ABS-CBN Sports. “Don’t get me wrong, being here, being in front of everybody is very very exciting.” he added.

With little Jarel turning two in July and another baby boy out by then, Donaire says that fatherhood definitely changed the way he looked at his career.

“Back in the day, I was very selfish in terms of me fighting. That motivation was something that made me win, but that motivation now doesn’t work, and that’s why I’ve stumbled in front, not knowing the decision I’m making because I didn’t realize how important my family is. Now I’ve learned to accept them as part of my life, to accept them as part of who I am and not just this beast inside of that ring, not just a fighter and a warrior, but a family man who lives for his family, who enjoys the moment being inside that ring. That’s the shift in mentality I have, and now I know that I can accept that and that I can embrace that and become a better fighter. “

Having a high-profile athlete for a father often influences the paths that children take. Donaire on the other hand, doesn’t necessarily hope that his two boys become boxers themselves.

“I’m trying to sway them away [from boxing]. He already has soccer practice, he can do anything he wants, but if he chooses to fight, then I will be there and my dad will be there and we’re gonna be on him. From day one, you better run, you better do this. We’re gonna be very strict when it comes down to it, because I know exactly how difficult the sport is, I know exactly that it takes blood, it takes sweat, it takes tears, it takes pain and injury to be where I’m at. If he’s willing for that, there we’re gonna be there throughout.”

Nonito Donaire has got a lot of things to look forward to in the coming months, but one thing that his Filipino fans can look forward to is that he will be putting on a show against Brazil’s William Prado at Pinoy Pride 30 this coming March 28th at the Araneta Coliseum!

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