Freddie Roach has simple wish for 55th birthday

Milan Ordoñez on Mar 05, 2015 01:07 PM
Freddie Roach has simple wish for 55th birthday
Photo credit: Chris Farina/Top Rank

MANILA - Freddie Roach may be one of the world's top boxing trainers, but he has a simple wish as he celebrates his 55th birthday on Thursday (March 5th).

"That Shiming wins. And Manny will win," Roach told Dyan Castillejo of ABS-CBN News.

The six-time Boxing Writers Association of America is currently in Macau, China, attending to another one of his fighters stepping into the ring this weekend, WBO International Flyweight champion Zou Shiming. In his absence, Pacquiao's long-time trainer and confidante Buboy Fernandez has been taking over training camp in Los Angeles.

For his part, Buboy feels he holds the responsiblity to have Manny ready for Roach's return, when the full-on training sessions begin.

"I'm doing job my lang in the meantime (while) Freddie's not here," Fernandez explained. "We are (the) copilot just keeping the training going, and when the captain arrives he (will be) surprised the champ is in (good) condition."

As for Roach, he maintains that he had already developed a suitable strategy in mind to fit Mayweather's fighting style.

"Styles make fights, amd this is where we have the edge," said Roach. "He doesnt fight southpaws well. I know what he does well, and we will take it away from him, take advanatage of his mistakes."


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