Las Vegas strip club promises 'free couch dances for life' to mega bout winner

Milan Ordoñez on Mar 17, 2015 02:14 PM
Strip club offers free lifetime lap dances to May 2 winner
Photo credit: Chris Farina

MANILA - Things can only get crazier in Las Vegas.

As the chosen venue for what is considered as the biggest fight in boxing history, the entertainment capital of the world is already preparing themselves for the mayhem that is expected to ensue on May 2nd. 

But Las Vegas is not called "Sin City" for nothing. According to a report by the Las Vegas Review Journal, the Deja Vu Showgirls club has put out a rather enticing offer for the winner of the mega bout: free lap dances for life. In addition, four strippers will be tattooing his name on their respective bodies.

The club declared its proposition through an open letter addressed to the two fighters.

"Dear Mr. Mayweather & Mr. Pacquiao," the letter reads. "That’s right — FREE COUCH DANCES FOR LIFE! That’s definitely better than your $250 million pay-day!! On top of that, we’d like to share our $500,000 bottle of gold-plated Dom Perignon with the winner at the club for free.? That’s a value of over a million dollars for life!!”

But that's not all. The club has added a few more to the list of rewards for the victor. 

“A topless foxy boxing match in the club in your honor (where you could fight too if you want)! and a life-sized portrait of you with strippers at your feet displayed in the club lobby forever!”

"Money" Mayweather has been known for his lavish ways, and such freebies may not be new to him, but it would be interesting to see how Manny Pacquiao would receive this kind of perk, given his newfound devotion to religion.

A Gerry's Grill restaurant in Artesia, California also offered Pacquiao free food for life if he does emerge victorious on May 2nd. 


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