Mayweather camp rejects Team Pacquiao's demand for failed drug test fine

Milan Ordoñez on Mar 20, 2015 11:52 AM
Mayweather camp rejects Team Pacquiao's drug-testing demand
Photo credit: The Money Team Facebook fan page

MANILA - The cloud of calmness and serenity no longer lingers above 'The Money Team'.

In an exclusive interview with, Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe blatantly refused to accept Team Pacquiao's demand of having a $5 million penalty for a failed drug test. Manny Pacquiao's adviser Michael Koncz made the announcement.

"Today we were informed that Mayweather turned down the request. Manny had requested that there would be a reciprocal fine of $5 million for a failed drug test."

For his part, Ellerbe took shots at both Koncz and Pacquiao, noting that both men should have made sure of what they were getting into.

"Michael Koncz is an idiot and Manny Pacquiao should be ashamed to have him as his representative in my opinion. It's obvious he didn't read the contract," Ellerbe said in another interview. "Why would he have his fighter sign something he was not happy with?"

"The deal was negotiated up and down by his promoter (Bob Arum of Top Rank) on behalf of Manny with Floyd and Mayweather Promotions, and it's been well documented in the media for quite some time," he continued. "If this moron didn't convey his fighter's wishes when the negotiation was going on that's their problem. This is a lame-ass attempt to generate publicity."

During the onset of the first wave of negotiations in 2010, Mayweather Jr. himself insinuated that Pacquiao was on Performance Enhancing Drugs, "power pellets" in particular. This was why Koncz says he was left dumbfounded after learning about Mayweather's reaction to their proposition.

"They have made derogatory statement for years about Manny (supposedly using PEDs) and now we challenged them by asking for the $5 million fine and they refused to do it. It's disheartening."

Koncz also revealed that Pacquiao had already submitted two random test samples. 


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