Pacquiao: 'I had to humble myself to make this fight happen'

Milan Ordoñez on Mar 20, 2015 11:17 AM
Pacquiao: 'I had to humble myself to make this fight happen'
Photo credit: Chris Farina

MANILA - Manny Pacquiao apparently had to bring his pride down a few notches in order to have his May 2nd fight with Floyd Mayweather push through.

In an exclusive interview with HBO Boxing's Michelle Beadle, the first and only eight-division world champion gave his personal take on why the five-year on-paper mega bout is finally happening.

"I agreed with the 60-40 (split), and I agreed with all he wanted with the terms and conditions."

"It's better to do that than there's no fight," added Pacquiao. "I've been bothered with the question from fans asking when this fight will happen, so to make it happen, I had to pull myself down and humble myself."

Many believe that the last strong push towards the fight deal's completion in February was the seemingly serendipitous encounter between both Mayweather and Pacquiao in an NBA basketball game in late January.

More interestingly, both men once again met up after the game when Mayweather decided to pay Pacquiao a personal visit in the latter's hotel room.

What exactly transpired in both meetings has not been clearly disclosed, but Pacquiao shared his side of the story.

"He was the one who offered to come to my hotel room and talk about the fight," Pacquiao recalled. "He was speaking about the fight, explaining how he's the 'A-side' because he's undefeated and I was the 'B-side'. It's OK."

Here is the clip of the entire interview, where Pacquiao also compares the red carpeted pre-fight press conference to the Grammy Awards.


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