Donaire: 'I have found the key to rise again'

Milan Ordoņez on Mar 26, 2015 06:26 PM
Donaire: 'I have found the key to rise again'
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MANILA - Nonito Donaire may have experienced one of the most disheartening losses of his career in October, but it looks as if he was never hurt by it at all.

And as he aims for vindication on Saturday at Pinoy Pride 30 against Brazil's William Prado, "The Filipino Flash" feels he has rejuvenated himself from his first ever knockout defeat of his career.

"I found the key to rise again," Donaire told members of the media during the Pinoy Pride 30 press conference at the Solaire Resort and Casino on Thursday morning. "There will be a lot of entertainment for you guys watching this fight."

For Donaire, the loss to hard-hitting Jamaican Nicholas Walters was a life-changing one, to say the least. Admittedly a "fighter with so much pride", the five-division world champion says more than anything, it helped him realize one of the most important aspects in being a fighter: having the will to get back up from a major setback.

“The moment that I got up, I was just thankful that I wasn’t hurt," he continued. "I wasn’t damaged. With that mentality, all I need to do is to look forward to being better."

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Probably forgotten by many, Donaire actually had Walters troubled in the second round of their fight. His father, who was also in his corner at the time, advised him to fight smarter and not bullrush his opponent. Unfortunately, instincts took over, and Nonito Jr. fought with more aggression, which ultimately led to his downfall in the fight.

"The Filipino Flash" did recognize this huge mistake, and says they have been working on being back to his old crafty and more intelligent self inside the boxing ring. But as for his "brawling" self, he mainly attributed it to two things: the Mexican influence brought on by Robert Garcia's training, and his Filipino fighting roots.

“It’s hanging out with those Mexicans, they make you fight. I’ve been hanging out with Robert Garcia and the mentality, you get affected into it," said the Talibon, Bohol native. "You become part of that Mexican mentality where you just go out there and be a warrior.

"But in my blood, in my veins, is a Filipino fighter, and throughout our history, we’ve always been oppressed in a way that we’ve learned to fight and will never back out in any fight. That’s why when it comes down to fight, I will never back down, and we fall, we will rise as much as we can.”


Pinoy Pride 30: D-Day will take place on March 28, Saturday, 6 pm at the Araneta Coliseum and will be televised on March 29, Sunday, 9:45 am on ABS-CBN channel 2 and 9 pm on ABS-CBN Sports+Action channel 23.

Tickets are available at Ticketnet outlets.


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