Ali's publicist denies reports of Pacquiao pick, daughter reconfirms

Milan Ordoñez on Apr 03, 2015 10:07 AM
Ali publicist denies Pacquiao pick, daughter reconfirms
Photo credit: Muhammad Ali Official Facebook fan page

MANILA - As it turns out, Muhammad Ali may have not chosen Manny Pacquiao over Floyd Mayweather, after all.

Earlier this week, released a report citing that one of Muhammad's daughters Rasheda spoke in behalf of her father about the upcoming May 2nd clash between Pacquiao and Mayweather.

"My dad is Team Pacquiao all the way. My dad really likes Manny. He's a huge fan of his."

However, the former lineal heavyweight champion apparently did not make such claims. This, according to Ali's publicist, who released a statement on Thursday (Friday, Manila time).

Earlier this week it was reported that Muhammad Ali picked a favorite in the upcoming Mayweather/Pacquiao fight on May 2.Muhammad Ali would like to wish both Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao well in their upcoming fight.

Muhammad never offered to anyone his prediction and information that was published earlier this week and picked up by other media is either a misquote or someone else’s personal opinion.

The stories saying that Muhammad Ali has chosen a favorite in the fight are false. Muhammad has the utmost respect for both fighters who will undoubtedly give boxing fans an incredible match.

He believes the significance of this fight will rival other historic matches.  Muhammad Ali will join the rest of the world on May 2 to watch this match-up.

Rasheda, on the other hand, got to speak with once again after the statement was released. According to her, the initial report "was extremely accurate."

"Honestly, truthfully, everything I said was true. He is a fan of Manny."

The younger Ali adds that it was Muhammad's wife Lonnie who did not want the boxing legend to pick a side, mainly for "political reasons."

"After your article came out, Lonnie was fine with it. Other outlets took the story and twisted the words around and basically made it seem like my dad was going to be sitting in Manny's corner the night of the fight."

"They made it into something else," she continued.


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