Justin Fortune confirms: 'Manny's calf is completely healed'

Milan Ordoñez on Apr 04, 2015 04:13 PM
Justin Fortune confirms: 'Manny's calf is completely healed'
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MANILA - Team Pacquiao's strength and conditioning coach Justin Fortune has put an end to all possible conversations regarding Manny's leg disorder.

For the past several weeks, reports about "Pacman" suffering from cramps have surfaced. The news seemingly took on a life of its own, after succeeding accounts of Team Pacquiao purchasing a $1,800 cream to alleviate the pain also came about. Even Floyd Mayweather Sr. had something to say from 270 miles away in his son's camp in Las Vegas.

However, in an interview with PhilBoxing.com, Fortune finally made the final statement regarding the highly publicized matter.

"I know the media had feasted on this perceived serious injury on Manny’s calf, but I’m sorry to inform your misinformed colleagues that it’s completely healed," said Fortune.

Pacquiao was said to be in perfect condition when he did his agility test at the UCLA track oval on Friday morning. Being on the last stretches of camp, the entire team are also set to make the needed adjustments to their training regimen.

“We’ve just turned a page in Manny’s training regimen and next week we will be going into the next page of the program," Fortune said. "Meaning Manny had just passed the toughest test in his conditioning phase of preparations and he’s ready to proceed to the lighter and easier routine.”

“Overall, I would say that we’re in a very ideal situation now. What we still lack, we’ll get it the next two weeks.”


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