Kid Kulafu: A true-to-life fairy tale

ABS-CBN Sports on Apr 16, 2015 01:05 PM
Kid Kulafu: A true-to-life fairy tale
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Manny Pacquiao has been regarded as the People's Champ, largely due to the fact that he has managed to inspire his countrymen by his rags-to-riches story.

This untold tale of Pacquiao's childhood was brought to life through cinema by director Paul Soriano's "Kid Kulafu". Set in the early 70's in "Pacman's" native town of Saranggani, the film focused on the young Pacquiao and the trial and tribulations he endured in his pursuit of a boxing career.

For Soriano, having the entire world know about Manny as a kid trying to find his place in this world was the main objective for making the film.

"He had every excuse in the book to fail — broken family, no food, no home, nowhere to go, no money, but he still persevered, and that's what I want the people to see — that he is where he is today because of hard work," Soriano told the Associated Press.

For producer Marie Pineda, "Kid Kulafu" was more than a classic folk tale, as it was able to capture the reality of Pacquiao's hardships as it happened.

"It is a fairy-tale story, but it's true," said Pineda.

Soriano adds that actor Buboy Villar's portrayal of Pacquiao as a kid was not too far off since Villar himself endured a rough childhood growing up. But for the notable indie-film director, the most essential thing for the film's would-be success was the stories that Manny personally shared to him.

"I think, honestly, what he gave me — his time, his story — I think that was even much more important than any money. The access he gave me, the friendship that he has given me — that's priceless."

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