Roach: 'Floyd Jr's still a gentleman to me all the time'

Milan Ordoñez on Apr 16, 2015 11:49 AM
Roach: 'Floyd Jr's still a gentleman to me all the time'
Photo credit: Mayweather Promotions Official Facebook fan page

MANILA - "Team Pacquiao" and "The Money Team" may have been at odds for years now, but the sport of boxing has also bonded them in some way.

During Manny Pacquiao's Wednesday media work out (Thursday, Manila time), Freddie Roach revealed the history between him and Floyd Jr., which goes way back when the now famed trainer himself laced up a pair of gloves and fought professionally.

"I remember when he was five years old in the boxing gym, he was always a nice kid to me. And he's still a gentleman all the time, says 'Hi, Mr. Roach,'" Roach told some members of the media at his Wild Card Gym in West Hollywood. 

Roach furthers that the younger Mayweather had acquired his skills mainly by spending most of his life inside the boxing gym, taken under the wings of father Floyd Sr. and uncle Roger. But as far as "Money May's"  current physical state is at 38 years old, Roach believes Father Time is the only culprit for any possible signs of deterioration, more than anything.

"I think his legs are giving out on him a little bit because of age, not because of the wear and tear of boxing itself."

"I think that he's taught himself how to fight. I don't think he knows a lot about the game, just what he learned naturally."




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