Manny goes Hollywood

ABS-CBN Sports on Apr 17, 2015 10:32 PM
Manny goes Hollywood
Veteran actor Robert Duvall dropped by the Wild Card Gym to visit Manny Pacquiao's training camp (Photo credit: Chris Farina)

Manny Pacquiao's superstardom has transcended into such great heights to the point that "superstars" in their own rights have gone out their way in visiting and supporting the Filipino boxing superstar.  

While some have been an avid supporter of Pacquiao from the get-go, there are also some artists who have swayed to Pacquiao's direction in just the past few weeks, dropping by to show their support for the eight-division world champion heading into the Floyd Mayweather fight.  

Here are some of those stars, be it music artists or actors, who have shown visible support the Filipino boxing hero. 

Mark Wahlberg 

The star of films such as Ted and the Departed have been known as an avid Manny Pacquiao fan from the get go. This fight against Floyd Mayweather is no exception as Wahlberg once agian dropped by in the Wild Card gym to express support for the Pacman.  

When it comes to Hollywood stars and Pacquiao, Wahlberg could be the biggest Pacman fan of 'em all. 

Jimmy Kimmel

Pacquiao has been a staple in Jimmy Kimmel's show, Jimmy Kimmel live. From singing Imagine with comedian Will Ferrel to guesting and exchanging jokes with the late-night comedian, Kimmel and Pacquiao have had great ties together in the past.  

Heading into the Floyd Mayweather fight, Kimmel took that relationship to a whole new level as he sang Pacquiao's new song "Lalaban Ako Para Sa Pilipino" in his show. 

Christian Bale

The Batman and the Pacman, now that's quite a tandem, right? 

Much like Mark Wahlberg, Bale has been a Pacquiao supporter for the longest time. And again as Manny's set for the biggest fight of his career, Bale is once again there to give out some words of encouragement for Pacquiao.  

Now, having portrayed Dickie Ecklund in the film, "The Fighter" as Mickey Ward's drug junkie trainer, we wonder if he actually took some notes from all of the Pacquiao training sessions that he attended in the past.

Robert Duvall

Robert Duvall was known as Tom Hagen, the Consigliere of the Corleone family in the first two Godfather films.  

Now isn't it a co-incidence that weeks leading to the fight, Ninong Manny (Godfather Manny) gets a visit from the very consigliere of the Godfather himself?  

Duvall has even gone on record in saying that he wants Pacquiao to win, and he'll be backing him up all the way. 

“I hope Manny wins, he's (Floyd) very difficult,” said the 84-year-old actor. “I'm gonna cheer for him.” 

Mario Lopez

American TV host and actor Mario Lopez have been one of the biggest Pacquiao celebrity supporters, to the point that he even slammed the decision of the first Pacquiao and Bradley fight. 

And with the Mayweather - Pacquiao match inching closer and closer, of course, Lopez was expectedly presenty in one of Pacquiao's training sessions.  

Bob Dylan

A legitimate rockstar alongside someone who's been elevated into rockstar heights?  Wow. 

Though it was still last year when he visited the Pacman, anytime a guy named Bob Dylan that's something worth noting. - CJ   

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