'Pacman' and athlete admirers

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'Pacman' and athlete admirers
Photo credit: Manny Pacquiao Instagram account

In the world of professional athletes, Manny Pacquiao's name has transcended all the rest. 

His skill and talent notwithstanding, Pacquiao have shared great connection among his colleagues in the sporting world because of his humility, how he interacts with them, that ever charismatic smile and his spirituality which has brought him closer to Christian athletes in the business. 

From being an unknown guy in the business who came into the first Barrera fight wearing a Tim Duncan jersey, to being the man on the top of the food chain, it's just nice to see Pacquiao's hard work being appreciated by his fellow athletes. 

Here are some of the athletes that have shared moments with the PacMan. 

Jeremy Lin

The latest among athletes to visit Pacquiao, the Los Angeles Lakers star shares his Asian heritage and his spirituality with the Fighting Pride of the Philippines.

Lin on the other hand even cracked jokes with his hashtags on his Facebook post.

Great seeing Manny Pacquiao ... Excited for May 2!! ???????????????? Respect his love for Jesus! #livingforHim #asianinvasion #ifeeltall #quittalkingaboutmyhair

Posted by Jeremy Lin ??? on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Karl Malone

Former two time NBA Most Valuable Player Karl Malone adds to the list of stars who have visited Manny Pacquiao in his training camp.

Just about two weeks ago, the Mailman delivered his well wishes to the Pacman with less than a month to go before his fight with Mayweather.

It would be fair to note that Karl's wife, Kay Kinsey is half-Filipina.

Ronda Rousey

From basketball stars, to football stars to one of the faces of MMA, Pacquiao shows that his charisma and his reach reaches across all sports.

The UFC Women's Bantamweight champion is vocally rooting for Pacquiao against Mayweather, saying that Pacquiao has been "very nice to her."

Pacquiao even had the time to take a shot at Floyd Mayweather Jr, saying that Rousey could beat Mayweather in an MMA fight.

Kobe Bryant

Well, Kobe had to be here, right?

Manny Pacquiao's Nike sponsorship has allowed him to be closer to his favorite athletes and the Black Mamba was one of them.

In many of Bryant's visits here in the country, Kobe would often talk about his relationship with Pacquiao and how close they have become through the years.

In 2011, Bryant surprised Pacquiao when he visited him in the wildcard gym in one of his training sessions.

In the same year, a few months earlier, Pacquiao stopped the show when he came into the Araneta Coliseum to watch the Smart NBA All Star exhibition match here.

The Undertaker/Christian 

Say what you want to say about professional wrestling, but every time the Undertaker walks with you heading into the fight, it's sort of a big deal. 

Undertaker (Mark Calaway in real life) was part of Pacquiao's entourage in his fight with Hector Velasquez in 2005, back when Manny was just making his case as to being one of the best boxers in the world. 

Christian, another wrestling household name and known for being halfof the tag team "Edge and Christian", was also part of Pacquiao's entourage. - CJ

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