Floyd Jr: 'Manny Pacquiao will bring out the best in me'

Milan Ordoñez on Apr 20, 2015 03:31 PM
Floyd Jr: 'Manny Pacquiao will bring out the best in me'
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MANILA - A seemingly gentler side of Floyd Mayweather has been on display since the fight was announced in late February. 

Not much words have been thrown against Manny Pacquiao. No name-calling, no smack talk, aside from the back-and-forth ribbing between the trainers of the opposing sides. Based on the demeanor he has exhibited as of late, it can be concluded that Floyd Mayweather holds Manny Pacquiao in high regard, more than any of his past opponents combined.

Many believe that Mayweather "needs Manny Pacquiao" to be able to solidify his name as the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world today. Floyd Jr. sort of agrees, as he himself revealed in his most recent interview with Jim Gray of Showtime Sports.

"He's a solid competitor, he's a guy who's going to push me, and that's what I need. Because he will bring the best out of Floyd Mayweather."

Since he shed off his "Pretty Boy" persona for "Money Mayweather" in 2007 after beating Oscar De La Hoya, eyes have been glued to the zero on the loss column of his fight record. His supporters are hoping for him to at least tie the record of former heavyweight world champion Rocky Marciano of 49-0, but apparently, Junior himself is not too crazy about it.

"Everyone's always talking about 'you could be Rocky Marciano's record, or you could beat this guy's record'. It's more important to everyone else."

"I don't focus on losing," he continued. "Floyd Mayweather's a winner, I don't worry about that. When a guy has lost before, if a guy has been knocked out before, that's in the back of his mind. I show that I can dish it out more than I can take it, because if I was taking punishment, I don't think I woud've lasted this long in my career."

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