Actual fight contract remains unsigned, says Arum

Milan Ordoñez on Apr 22, 2015 10:57 AM
Actual fight contract remains unsigned, says Arum
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MANILA - Just when the entire world thought the May 2nd mega bout was already signed, sealed and delivered, new issues have risen, particularly with the actual fight contract.

The main problem: the dotted line has yet to be signed, and apparently, only term sheet's conditions were agreed upon. In an interview with, Bob Arum explained that while the agreement with Mayweather Promotions was that both parties would be signatories in the final contract, the draft that was sent to him excluded Top Rank Promotions.

"They don't want us to have any say. So whether they came up with the deal between Mayweather and MGM before or after our agreement, they've committed fraud either way. That's what we're enmeshed in."

Mayweather Promotions Leonard Ellerbe was quick to dispute Arum's claims, noting that the 83-year old promoter "isn't willing to live with the agreement signed a couple of months ago."

"The only conspiracy, in my opinion, exists with him trying to conspire with his lawyers to change the terms of the agreement," Ellerbe said. "I assure you that nothing underhanded is going on and the reference to this back alley stuff is ridiculous."

The unsigned contract ultimately hinders the release of tickets, which has been the main quandary of paying patrons eager to bear witness to the "Fight of the Century." So much so that many of them had already began cancelling previous reservations they have made in Las Vegas.

As for Arum, he says he is not placing his signature on the contract until Top Rank's name is placed back on the agreement.

"They can't act like our original agreement doesn't exist."

Early last week, there have been reports that the May 2nd schedule was in jeopardy to be postponed, after news about Floyd Mayweather's injuries had surfaced. Given the most recent developments, beginning from the ticket issues, things are not looking good, to say the least.



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