Floyd questions Manny’s gloves, gets shut down by Commission

Milan Ordoñez on May 02, 2015 05:49 PM
Floyd questions Manny’s gloves, gets shut down by Commission
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MANILA - Floyd Jr. is not done with his last-minute demands just yet.

On Thursday, the Mayweather camp requested for the Nevada Athletic Commission to inspect Manny Pacquiao’s groin protector, citing the cup was “sitting too high”, and that it would ultimately render body shots ineffective.

The Commission heeded “The Money Team’s” request and did pay Pacquiao a visit to conduct the inspection. But on Friday, Mayweather had another thing on his mind that he believes needed a second look: Manny Pacquiao’s pre-approved gloves.

Prior to the fight, both camp had agreed on the brand of gloves that they would be using, with Mayweather opting for his usual Grant gloves, and Pacquiao going for his Cleto Reyes pair.

According to ESPN.com, Mayweather’s camp protested the Commission’s decision to approve Pacquiao’s gloves, mainly because of its horse-hair style. Junior’s people claims it goes against the contract.

Known to be a ‘puncher’s glove’, Cleto Reyes has been Pacquiao’s choice brand for years. To respond to Mayweather, “Pacman’s” camp insisted that it had already been agreed upon, and when Mayweather wanted CBS President and CEO Les Moonves to step in once again, they, in turn, argued that Moonves’ had no control over the fighters’ gloves.

In the end, the Commission went on to approve Pacquiao’s choice of using his Reyes gloves, reiterating that it had already been agreed upon beforehand, as part of their pre-fight negotiations.



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