Football stars give their Pacquiao-Mayweather bets

ABS-CBN Sports on May 02, 2015 10:01 AM
Football stars give their Pacquiao-Mayweather bets
The May 2 superfight has the whole world talking.

By now, we’ve heard various celebrities and athletes weigh in on their predictions for the upcoming Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather superfight.

Dubbed as “the fight of the century”, no doubt that the whole world will be tuning in on May 2 (May 3, Manila time), and as such, even members of the football world have already given their thoughts on this momentous boxing match.

In an article posted on, responses were gathered from a number of world’s best booters, and here’s what they had to say:


“I have to go for Mayweather. I think it could go the distance and be won on points. It will be a lot closer than people think, but Mayweather will be too sharp and too quick.” – Chris Smalling (England/Manchester United)

“Pacquiao wins the fight in a decision. The fight will be long and gruelling and this favours Pacquiao. Mayweather throws a lot of punches. But eventually stamina will be a factor and Pacquiao can take punches.” – Tony Meola (USA)

““I think we are in for a steep battle in which I’d give Mayweather a very slight edge – 51 to 49 per cent. Why? Mayweather’s bigger and better tactically. He’s like the Mourinho of boxing! He keeps cool and stays focused on his goals. He’s undoubtedly a great fighter and he has a good chance of retiring undefeated. As for Pacquiao, he’ll certainly push forward, look for the knockout. He’s sharp, fast, has knockout power. However, I’d still make Mayweather the slight favourite.” - Artyom Dzyuba (Russia)

“I'm going to back Money over Pacman as his unbeaten record speaks for itself! I expect Vegas to root for Money in a crazy atmosphere!” – Mikael Silvestre (France/Manchester United)

“I'm a massive fan of the Pac but I think Mayweather will take this one out.” – Tim Cahill (Australia)

“I think Mayweather will win on decision. There will be no KO.” – Petr Cech (Chelsea/Czech Republic)

“I have always been a Mayweather fan. I have followed his career, so I won't change now! It's going to be a tough fight but I fancy Mayweather to win. It will be very close, but Mayweather always comes out of a tight situation.” – Kalusha Bwalya (Zambia)

“I have two Filipino girls who work with me, so I'm rooting for Pacquiao!” – Domenico Criscito (Italy)

“I think it goes 12 rounds.” – Lukas Podolski (Germany)

“Should be a great fight! While I'm not a big fan of flashy and self-promotion, I think Pacquiao will win on a decision.” – Brian McBrida (USA)

“I’m going for Mayweather simply because he's never been beat and I don’t believe he’d have taken the fight if he didn't think he could win!” – Micah Richards (England/Manchester City)

“Without knowing the ins and outs of boxing, Mayweather on points. But I wish this was five years earlier!” – Brad Friedel (USA/Tottenham Hotspurs)

“Mayweather. He’s too quick and like him or love him, he's a winner.” – Stuart Holden (USA)

“Pacquiao is going to win by KO.” – Fredy Montero (Colombia/Sporting)

“I think it will be win for Mayweather on points, but I want Manny to win. I love what he represents as a human being.” – Robert Ernshaw (Wales)

“I’m a big fan of Mayweather, but this one will be difficult. However, we’re rooting for Floyd.” – Andres Pereira (Brazil/Manchester United)


While most of the responses were in “Money” Mayweather’s favor, come fight night, their predictions, and everyone else’s won’t account for anything as it will be the two warriors inside the ring who ultimately decides who emerges victorious.





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