Pacquiao: 'There was a tear in my shoulder during camp'

Milan Ordoñez on May 03, 2015 02:37 PM
Pacquiao: 'There was a tear in my shoulder during camp'
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MANILA - Manny Pacquiao was not in tip top shape upon entering the biggest fight of his career against his fiercest rival.

After losing to Floyd Mayweather via a wide margin, Yahoo! Sports' Kevin Iole first reported that Pacquiao had been fighting with an injured right shoulder, which he sustained four weeks prior to the fight.

Iole adds that Manny had requested for an anti-inflammatory shot in his locker room, moments before the fight, but was denied by the Commissin after registering himself to be injury-free during the pre-bout check-up.

"A source said he might need surgery that could keep him out for up to nine months. But because he checked on a medical form that he had no injuries, the commission denied him the shot," Iole wrote.

Meanhwile, Commission Chairman Francisco Aguilar says that had Pacquiao and his camp notify them earlier, an immediate solution would have been made.

"I have no proof of the injury," Aguilar said. "If he told us on Friday, we would have gotten the MRIs and there are a lot of things we could have done."

During the press conference, Pacquiao himself confirmed the injury, citing a tear on his right shoulder, which was then corroborated by MRI results. 

Trainer Freddie Roach placed little blame on the situation, citing they were not able to fully implement their game plan.

"We couldn’t be as consistent as we wanted to be. Jab and uppercut were OK, but the hook was a little hard for him to throw.”


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