Pacquiao’s family shares sentiments on his match vs. Mayweather

Duey Guison on May 04, 2015 12:45 PM
Pacquiao’s family shares sentiments on his match
“Ang ginawa ni Mayweather, runner. Parang daga siya,” said Dionesia Pacquiao (photo courtesy of Jeremiah Ysip).

Behind every great boxer is a family who cares a lot for him, especially for his safety, welfare, and pride in the ring.

Even if Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao failed to win against undefeated American boxer Floyd Mayweather at the “Fight of the Century” match held last Saturday, May 2, at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, his mother and children remain proud of him.

As ABS-CBN North America Correspondent Steve Angeles interviewed Queenie Pacquiao, Manny’s youngest daughter, she remains proud of her father. “At least, daddy tried his best to win. He’s not doing this for us naman. He’s doing this for the Lord,” Queenie said.

Manny’s mother Dionesia Pacquiao also agrees as well. In an interview with Dyan Castillejo, Dionesia reiterated that in their hearts, Manny is the real champion.

“Natalo man ang ating boxer sa ring, sa puso ninyo, hindi pa talo. Sa puso natin hindi siya talo. … Siya ang panalo sa taas,” Dionesia emphasized.

For Dionesia and Princess, they both expected that it would be difficult for Manny to beat Mayweather. “Ang ginawa ni Mayweather, runner. Parang daga siya,” said Dionesia.

“When Mayweather was cornered, he [Mayweather] keeps on hugging and hugging and hugging,” Princess said.

When asked if they are open to a possible rematch after Manny’s loss to Mayweather, Manny’s daughters and Dionesia do not like the idea.

“I don’t want a Mayweather rematch anymore. I don’t like him so much,” said Princess Pacquiao, Manny’s eldest daughter.

“Para sa akin, retiro na siya,” said Dionesia, placing emphasis on her wish for her son to hang up his gloves and focus on his post-boxing career.

As for Queenie, however, she is still open to see her father return to the ring. “As long as he doesn’t get hurt, it’s okay with me,” Queenie said.

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