What's next for Mayweather and Pacquiao?

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What's next for Mayweather and Pacquiao?
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After the dust has settled in what has been branded by frustrated fans as the 'non'-fight of the century, questions are now being asked as to where Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. will be headed.

Many believe that after finally meeting each other in the ring following six frustrating years of wait, the two should call it quits, hang up their gloves and enjoy the fruits of their hard earned labor in boxing.

But warriors just never know when to stop, and knowing the two, this isn't the last time we'll see both of them.

Here are the next possible moves for both of them.

Floyd Mayweather

Many believe that after a hefty paycheck in his match against Pacquiao, Money should  retire unbeaten and enjoy his status as one of the best who ever set foot in the boxing ring.

But the problem is, Mayweather has another fight in his Showtime contract, and it is only imperative for him to fulfill that obligation.

With visibly nothing left for him to prove anymore, the only logical step for him is to shut Amir Khan up for his final fight and go out with a bang.

While it's certainly fine for him to have Pacquiao as his final victim, his overly-defensive tactics in that fight may not be the type of image that he wants to leave in his legacy.

So taking on Khan in September, and maybe even scoring a stoppage win before retiring, may be the best thing to do for him.

Manny Pacquiao

There are so many questions surrounding Manny Pacquiao's status at this point.

Should he retire and focus on being a politician/basketball coach? Should he try and go after Mayweather again, this time with a healthier shoulder? Should he look for a rebound fight after a heartbreaking loss to Floyd? Plus, there's always an option for a fifth fight with Juan Manuel Marquez.

Right now, all signs point to his camp going after Mayweather for one last fight. But despite Floyd's declaration of his intent for a rematch, nothing is still set in stone. So this leaves Manny two options - a rebound fight against a solid up and comer or chase after vindication and go after Marquez for one last time.

That being said, a retirement fight here in the Philippines against a solid foe would pretty much be fitting. After all, victory or no victory against Floyd, he had already cemented his case as one of the all time greats as well.

Mayweather, Marquez or anyone else, what Pacquiao needs to do now is to focus on letting his shoulder heal, then take it from there. - CJ

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