Battle Scars: Manny's history of injuries

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Battlescars: Manny's history of injuries
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After the so-called 'non-fight' of the century, Manny Pacquiao's camp immediately revealed that the eight-division world champion was suffering from a right shoulder injury, which may have affected how he approached his bout with Floyd Mayweather.

This prompted fans to call Pacquiao's move as 'stupid,' blamed  him for the lack of action in the fight, and some have even planned to sue him for hiding his injury because of the fight. 

And of course, Mayweather wouldn't pass up on the opportunity in letting his foe hear it. 

Mayweather withdrew his offer of a rematch to Manny and called him a 'coward' and a 'sore loser'. 

Pacquiao hasn't had any major injuries before. Credit that to his conditioning and his dedication to keep himself in tip-top shape. It was just unfortunate that of all the times that Pacquiao would get injured, it had to be in the time heading to his big fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Moving forward, here are three well known Pacquiao injuries that he suffered during, or before his fights. 

Calf injuries/recurring leg cramps

In his match-up with Marquez, Pacquiao had stated that he was indeed bothered by the tightening of his calf, which hindered him from moving like he was supposed to. 

Prior to his fight against Mayweather, his camp was worried about the same issue, forcing Pacquiao to ease up on the training a bit, to let his calf muscle relax. 

The calf issue has been something that haunted Pacquiao for the latter part of his career and hopefully, he gets to find resolution for it if he wants to continue fighting. 

Ear injury

He suffered this injury in his 12-round demolition of Miguel Cotto back in 2009.

Though Cotto didn't tag Pacquiao much, the Puerto Rican's power was surely felt by the ‘Pacman’, as he reportedly suffered an ear injury due to repeated blows from the then-WBO welterweight champion. 

Ear injuries aren't unusual for athletes in contact sports, as too much pressure on the ears can cause it to open up and form what they call a 'cauliflower ear' when it fills up with liquid and dries out. 

Thankfully for Pacquiao, he was able to treat it quick, got it drained, and patiently waited until his ear healed naturally. 

Most fighters keep the 'cauliflower ear' as a battle scar and a sign of toughness. For Pacquiao, he doesn't need those things to prove how tough he is. 


This is a petty injury, but if you believe Pacquiao, this may have caused him his first fight against Juan Manuel Marquez

Pacquiao complained of blisters in his fight against Marquez after reportedly using a cheap pair of socks that he bought in a thrift shop.

Pacquiao had Marquez down three times but couldn't finish the job as Marquez soundly outboxed him after. The Filipino champion then said that he may have had blisters from using thin socks and that impeded his movement.

Thankfully for him, that thrift shop is now closed, as all the (bad) memories that go with it. - CJ

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