De La Hoya changes tune on comeback plans: 'I feel amazing'

Milan Ordoņez on Jun 23, 2015 03:23 PM
De La Hoya changes tune on comeback plans: 'I feel amazing'
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Recent prizefighting history dictates that not all retirement plans are final. In the same manner, announcements regarding such a career move are not to be taken too seriously.

Exhibit A: Floyd Mayweather Jr. Around the time “Money May” persona first came about in 2007, Junior decided to walk away from the sport after his fight against Ricky Hatton in December of that year. But after Manny Pacquiao began to rise up the ranks to ultimately grab the top pound-for-pound spot, Mayweather made his return in 2009.

A few weeks ago, six-division world champion Oscar De La Hoya shook the boxing world up when he announced a possible return to fight fast-rising superstar and knockout artist Gennady Golovkin. Following “The Golden Boy’s” announcement, Mayweather Jr. teased about possibly doing a part two of 2007’s most lucrative fight in boxing.

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De La Hoya did turn down that particular challenge from Mayweather. But on Monday (Tuesday, PHT), he went on to change his tune once again when he was interviewed by

"I just feel great physically. I've been taking care of myself. I've been doing the Bernard Hopkins lifestyle. You can turn the clock back to a certain time."

With already two high profile names lined up for him to face, it would be safe to say that De La Hoya is up for a tall order, given that he is already 42 years old and has been out of action for seven years. But apparently, it does not pose a problem for him.

"I want to fight one of them because they are the best and I always fought the best," he adds. "That's what boxing is all about - fighting the best."


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