Pinoy Pride 31: Nietes, Rodriguez trade words

Milan Ordoñez on Jul 09, 2015 03:33 PM
Pinoy Pride 31: Nietes, Rodriguez trade words
Photo credit: Santino Honasan/ABS-CBN Sports

It may still be two days ’til fight night, but it looks like Donnie Nietes and Francisco Rodriguez are already aching for some action.

Nietes had already called out his upcoming opponent for being “cocky”, and even dismissed “Chihuas’” punching power. Rodriguez, on the other hand, has nothing less than confident, and believes he is “better in everything” compared to Nietes.

The two men finally get to meet each other face-to-face during the Pinoy Pride 31 press conference held at the Waterfront Resort and Casino in Cebu City on Thursday morning. As expected, there was no warmth shown from both sides.

For Nietes’, who already defeated 11 Mexican fighters in his career, Rodriguez will just be another statistic.

“Sigurado yun, siya ang susunod na biktima,” Nietes said with confidence.

Rodriguez, on the other hand, is looking to avenge his previous performance in Cebu, where he fought Jomar Fajardo to a draw. Against Nietes, he promises a performance to remember.

“In that fights, I wasn’t that prepared, I was not focused,” Rodriguez said through a translator. “It was like a punishment from God, and because of that, I was able to wake up and do something about what happened in that fight. And now, I’m back to correct what I did.”

Both men eventually stared each other down, but Rodriguez made sure he had the final word.

“Just like the olden times, the king has fallen. Long live the new king.”

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