Foreign media disputes Arroyo-Villanueva decision

Milan Ordoņez on Jul 19, 2015 09:13 PM
Foreign media disputes Arroyo-Villanueva decision
Photo credit: Edito Villamor Instagram account (@coach_ala)

Unbeknownst to casual Filipino boxing fans, one of our countrymen fought for gold on Saturday (Sunday, PHT).

“King” Arthur” Villanueva out of the famed ALA Boxing stable fought McJoe Arroyo for the vacant IBF junior bantamweight world title in El Paso, Texas. Unfortunately for Pinoy boxing fans, Villanueva failed to win the said title, incurring his first ever career loss in the process.

But the manner how he lost is currently being put in question. Villanueva was the more active fighter all throughout as Arroyo remained tentative. The fight was also ridden with a number of head clashes, one of which opened up a cut above Villanueva’s right eye.

To add insult to injury, Villanueva was deducted a point in the sixth, due to the said headbutts. The fight was put to a halt due to the doctor’s advice, but the technical decision was awarded to Arroyo with a tally of 97-92, 98-91, 98-91.

Boxing fans and media men around the world were in total disagreement with both the judges’ tally and the referee’s decision to put the fight to a halt. For Scott Christ of Bad Left Hook, it was simply a “lousy fight that fell well below expectations.”

“Both guys have been in some good fights and are quality operators, but the styles just did not mesh in this one, and it was bowling shoe ugly throughout. Arroyo gets the win, Villanueva takes the loss, and there will be better nights for both to come,” an excerpt of his article reads.

Other journalists chose to air out their sentiments as the fight happened.

Villanueva now drops to a record of 27-1 (with 14 victories by knockout). Arroyo, the newly-crowned champion, keeps his immaculate slate of 17-0 (with eight victories by knockout).


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