WATCH: Boxing's most spectacular left hook knockouts

Milan Ordoņez on Jul 29, 2015 03:29 PM
WATCH: Boxing's most spectacular left hook knockouts
In their 1996 fight, heavyweight Derrick Jefferson's left hook went through Maurice Harris' jaw so hard, sending the latter's mouth guard flying off his face.

It only takes one shot at the perfect spot to knock anyone out cold.

A fighter may not be a power puncher, but once he manages to land one right on the button, it is almost automatically lights out. Usually, the jaw is that one spot that when hit, shuts the body down. Of course, it all depends on a fighter’s genetic make up and his ability to take punishment.

Apart from the straight punch, the lead hook is one of the more lethal weapons a boxer can use to induce a knockout. Since the lead hand is already placed in front of the lead foot, a fighter can easily shift his weight and power from his back foot, all the way to his lead hand, without exerting too much effort.

This concept called kinetic linking is commonly used in the fight game to maximize power and inflict as much damage as possible.

The sport of boxing being centuries old has brought about a great number of knockouts via a well-placed left hook. In this 15-minute clip, we get to see the most spectacular, jaw-dropping ones (pun intended) that made the highlight reels. 


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