Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe takes jabs Manny Pacquiao's shoulder injury

ABS-CBN Sports on Aug 07, 2015 11:31 AM
Leonard Ellerbe takes jabs at Pacquiao's shoulder injury
Photo credit: AP Images (File photo)

It looks like Manny Pacquiao’s injury complaint after his May 2nd fight against Floyd Mayweather left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth over at Mayweather Promotions.

Speaking to, company CEO Leonard Ellerbe took another jab at Pacquiao and the latter’s right shoulder which was said to have been hurt further during the early half of the fight.

"We know, in fights like that, that Berto isn't going to sit back, and we know he isn't going to be complaining about his shoulder. We've done seen him fight with one arm.”

In a separate interview, Floyd Jr. himself also went on to give praises to his upcoming opponent.

"I chose Berto because he's very exciting,” said Mayweather, who describes Andre Berto as a “tough competitor who gives it 100 per cent.”


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