Mayweather Promotions confirms Sept 12th will be Floyd's last fight

Milan Ordoņez on Aug 07, 2015 10:27 AM
Mayweather Promotions: Sept 12th will be Floyd's last fight
Photo credit: AP Images (File photo)

The world is indeed seeing the last of Floyd Mayweather inside the boxing ring on September 12th.

Or at least that is what Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe says.

In an interview with, Ellerbe confirmed that the September 12th bout against former welterweight world champion Andre Berto would be “Money May’s” last fight, which he promises to be one that the fans would remember.

"That's a fact. This is Floyd's last fight. I'm not trying to sell it that way. This is going to be his last fight. And the fans get a chance to see Floyd in a very, very exciting fight with a guy that we know is coming to fight."

Fans have already showed their disdain for the decision to make the said fight. But Mayweather himself went on to defend Berto as his final opponent.

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"Berto is a tough competitor, a former world champion,” Mayweather said in a BBC report. Every time he goes out he gives it 100 per cent. He's been given backlash. I've been given backlash. But Andre Berto is going to push Floyd Mayweather to the limit."


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