US Anti-Doping Agency issues statement on Mayweather drug-test mess

Milan Ordoñez on Sep 11, 2015 11:16 AM
USADA issues statement on Mayweather's drug-test mess
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On Wednesday, (Thursday, PHT), Floyd Mayweather was put in hot water after’s Thomas Hauser released a longform article about his possible violation of drug-test protocols leading up to the May 2nd fight against Manny Pacquiao.

In Hauser’s report, Mayweather allegedly went against the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) rule on receiving IV treatment prior to a fight. It is a procedure that the agency strictly forbids any figther, as it can be used to mask substances, including those that are banned by Athletic Commissions.

Another issue tackled was the Therapeutic Use Exempion (TUE) granted to “Money May”, wherein only the Athletic Commission has the power to grant such a privilege, not the USADA. According to the contract signed by both Mayweather and Pacquiao, the USADA will cover all drug-testing protocols. 

But in an unusual turn of events, the agency granted Mayweather an exemption for IV medication three weeks after the bout.

USADA issued its lengthy official statement through its website on Thursday (Friday, PHT).

"Although Mr. Mayweather's application was not approved until after his fight with Mr. Pacquiao and all tests results were reported, Mr. Mayweather did disclose the infusion to USADA in advance of the IV being administered to him,” an excerpt of the statement reads. "Furthermore, once the TUE was granted, the NSAC and Mr. Pacquiao were immediately notified even though the practice is not prohibited under NSAC rules."


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