Mayweather Sr. reveals why his son will never fight Gennady Golovkin

Milan Ordoņez on Sep 15, 2015 05:33 PM
Mayweather Sr. reveals why his son will never fight Golovkin
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Floyd Mayweather Sr. has repeatedly commented about how his son is repeatedly pitted against Kazakh middleweight sensation Gennady Golovkin.

In May, the elder Mayweather already shut down the idea.

"I would say something about this GGG. GGG, hey, if GGG can make weight, that would be different, but -- no, no, we not fixin' to fight no damn giant. I'm gonna tell you like this right here,” he said in a video interview. “He comes down, he be at 154, by the time he eats and fight that night, maybe 180, you just don't know, man.” 

“People can eat up stuff, man, and hey,” he continued. “He don't need to fight nobody like that, man.”

On Saturday night, “Money May” defeated Andre Berto to seal victory number 49, and announced his retirement for the second time in his 19-year career. After the fight, several media men went over to talk to Floyd Sr., and Golovkin’s name was once again brought up.

His response was almost the same, but had its different twist.

“A lot of people want him to fight that dude, GGG,” Floyd Sr. told some members of the media. “He ain’t gonna fight GGG, man. GGG is too damn big for him. Style-wise, he can’t whoop him.”

Watch the five-minute interview here:


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