Justin Bieber: 'It's not Floyd's job to be humble'

ABS-CBN Sports on Oct 01, 2015 04:46 PM
Justin Bieber: 'It's not Floyd's job to be humble'
Photo credit: Floyd Mayweather Shots account

As boxing’s extravagant, brash talking pound-for-pound king, Floyd Mayweather is no stranger to haters.

For every act of flashiness through social media posts of fancy cars and piles of cash, the “Money May” persona has definitely gotten the ire of a good chunk of the sport’s fans.

But for controversial pop icon Justin Bieber, people should not be paying too much attention on Floyd Jr.’s attitude. The long-time friend and entourage member of “The Money Team” even went as far as ripping on the haters for “being stupid”, in an interview with Complex Magazine.

"With Floyd, he's just an image. I think he may not do the best job at being humble, but that's not his job. I mean, it's good to see people that are just humble and cool and down-to-earth and chill, but he's trying to get pay-per-view numbers.”

“He's saying wild stuff just for attention,” he continued. “When people can just stop being stupid – sorry to say that – but when people can stop reading into it so much and just look at the fact that he's doing this for entertainment.”

HT: Boxingscene.com.

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