No World Champions, top-15 boxers in Rio Olympics says WBC

ABS-CBN Sports on Mar 17, 2016 10:44 AM
No World Champions, top-15 boxers in Rio Olympics says WBC
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We might not be seeing Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather, or any big name pugilists compete in the upcoming Rio Olympics after all, after the World Boxing Council (WBC) threatened to expel any of their world champions or top-15 fighters from participating in the summer games.

“The World Boxing Council rules that any world champion or top 15 ranked boxer per divisions of the WBC that participates in the Olympic games would be immediately expelled.”  read a post on the WBC’s official website.

The WBC expressed that it was “impossible to imagine, much less accept” a fight between a fully developed and experience professional and a young, aspiring pug who’s just getting into the sport.

They went on to say that boxing isn’t other sports that have goals or baskets:  “Boxing is not a game. There is no scoring with goals or baskets. Rather, it is a contact sport which must be taken seriously. Reasoning must prevail, the function of all bodies must be always care and regulate the safety and healthcare of boxers.”

This ruling puts eight division world champion Manny Pacquiao’s dreams of representing the country for a gold medal in boxing on the back seat, but says he still believes that the Philippines has a chance at gold, and former two-time Olympian Roberto Jalnaiz shares the same mentality.

Jalnaiz, now part of Team Pacquiao, had a chance to see members of the National Team, and believes that the likes of welterweight Eumir Felix Marcial and lightweight Charly Suarez have great chances in succeeding in the Olympics.

Members of the Philippine team head to China later this month for Olympic qualifiers, while Pacquiao, who faces Timothy Bradley in his final fight, resumes training on Tuesday.

Now, whether or not Pacquiao qualifies for the Olympics, the one question that remains is: Will he make good on his P5-million reward for Rio gold medalists?


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