Nietes on Garcia: “Sabi niya walang takbuhan, siya naman yung lumayo”

Santino Honasan on May 30, 2016 06:28 PM
Nietes responded to Garcia's comments with a TKO win
“Sabi niya walang takbuhan, siya naman pala yung lumalayo.” - Donnie "Ahas" Nietes on Pinoy Pride 36 opponent Raul Garcia

Leading up to Pinoy Pride 36, Mexican challenger Raul “Rayito” Garcia had a lot of things to say about his bout against Donnie “Ahas” Nietes, but the most touched on was Garcia saying that: 

  1. Donnie was a runnner, and
  2. He was going to fight differently from his twin brother Ramon.


After fight night at the La Salle Gym in Bacolod however, Donnie’s masterful performance inside the ring against Garica served as his response to everything that the Mexican former world champion had said prior. 

In case y’all missed it, Donnie stopped Garcia in five rounds, after Garcia decided not to answer the sixth round bell after getting knocked down twice with a couple of solid body shots earlier in the bout. 

Donnie’s last knockout win came in 2014, against Moises Fuentes in Manila. His next four bouts went to a decision, so it was very satisfying for him to knock out the guy that was calling him a “runner” all week long. 

“Yinayaya ko na nga siya na mag-bell to bell kami eh, tapos hindi naman siya nag bell to bell. Tapos siya, takbo naman siya. Sabi niya walang takbuhan.” Donnie told the media following his five-round TKO win against Garcia. “Pag-tingin ko sa kanya, pag-sugod ko sa kanya, siya tatakbo naman.”

“Sabi niya walang takbuhan, siya naman pala yung lumalayo.” Donnie exclaimed. 

Indeed, Raul and Ramon fought Donnie differently, mainly because Ramon was able to go the distance with ahas, losing via Unanimous Decision, while Raul lasted right about half that time. 

When asked who was the better Garcia, the longest reigning Pinoy boxing champion said he thought that Ramon was a better fighter. 

“Sa tingin ko, mas magaling yung kapatid niya, kasi awkward talaga yung galaw niya, sa tingin ko mahina siya eh,” Donnie said. “Hindi siya tulad ng kapatid niya na mayroong galaw tsaka mahirap tamaan.” 

Donnie went on to dissect Raul’s in-ring performance, saying that the Mexican only had one move. 

“Siya, jab lang tapos pwede mo na i-counter ng step. Madali na siya matamaan.” 

Donnie now sets his sights on a bout in the US in September. 

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