Jason Pagara reacts to brother's KO loss

Santino Honasan on Jul 10, 2016 03:55 PM
Jason Pagara reacts to brother's KO loss
"Na-luha ako pa nung na-ano siya, na-bagsak." -- Jason Pagara on seeing his brother get knocked out.

Jason "El Nino" Pagara had himself a quick night at Saturday's Pinoy Pride 37 card in San Mateo, California, 

The 27-year old needed only three rounds to dispatch Mexico's Abraham Alvarez and take home his 24th knockout win. 

His younger brother and main eventer "Prince" Albert Pagara however, wasn't as fortunate, after suffering his first career loss, via knockout, at the hands of the very tough Cesar Juarez. 

Jason revealed to ABS-CBN's Dyan Castillejo that he was indeed worried for his brother's well-being after being knocked out.

"Dun ako sa dressing room. Na-luha ako pa nung na-ano siya, na-bagsak."

For Jason, who's also tasted a couple of defeats of his own, things like these are an unavoidable part of the sport that they compete in. 

"Patuloy parin tayo, ganyan talaga ang boxing." 

When asked for a message for his younger brother, Jason said that a loss like this shouldn't force Albert to give up on himself. 

"Okay lang yun, ganyan talaga ang boxing. May talo, may panalo. Hindi lang tayo gigive-up sa sarili." 



Jayson Pagara beat his Mexican opponent but worried for his brother albert when he fell . Thankful he is ok

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