Freddie Roach on Manny Pacquiao: “He doesn’t think he’s all done yet”

Santino Honasan on Jul 14, 2016 12:33 PM
Roach on Pacquiao: “He doesn’t think he’s all done yet”
Coach Freddie Roach believes that Manny Pacquiao isn't over with boxing just yet (AP Photo/ Jae C. Hong)

Manny Pacquiao already addressed his “un-retirement” rumors with a press statement, saying that his current job as a Philippine senator is his current priority. 

His longtime trainer and coach Freddie Roach however thinks that the eight division world champion still has some fight left in him. Pacquiao told him so himself. 

“He told me after the last fight he doesn't think he's all done yet because he felt good in that fight,” Roach said in an interview with ABS-CBN’s Steve Angeles. “When he said that to me, I took that as we will fight again.”

Since news of Pacquiao’s in-ring return began to surface, a number of names have been thrown in the hat as possible opponents, from Adrien Broner, to Danny Garcia, to Terrence Crawford and Viktor Postol, and to a more unlikely extent, Floyd Mayweather Jr. 

Postol, one of Coach Roach’s prodigies, will be facing Crawford in a unification bout for the WBO and WBC Junior Featherweight titles. Should Postol emerge victorious, he becomes a legitimately interesting opponent for the supposedly returning Pacman. 

Roach isn’t exactly excited about the possibility of two of his biggest wards facing off against each other, but he knows that it could be a big deal for himself, Postol and Pacquiao as well. 

“I would hate to have my own fighter go against manny but it wouldn't be a bad situation to be in because I expect my guy to win this fight and if he wins this fight he could be in that situation. That could happen.”

For the world-renowned trainer, the opponent doesn’t really matter as long as he has enough time to train “The People’s Champion.” 

“You know what though, I don't really care who they pick, just give me time to train him, I have no problem.”

There is one particular fight though that still eats at Coach Roach…

“I want him to fight Mayweather because that fight still bothers me. Because I know Manny can do better than he did in that fight.”


H/T: Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN News

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