ALA Boxing's 'Santino' Santisima, a star in the making

ABS-CBN Sports on Dec 21, 2016 12:39 PM
ALA Boxing's 'Santino' Santisima, a star in the making
ALA Boxing's Jeo "Santino" Santisima is a star on the rise.

Currently sporting 11 knockout wins out of the 12 he has in record, 20-year old Boxing prospect Jeo “Santino” Santisima looks forward to the next career challenge ahead of him. 

A native of Aroroy Masbate, Philippines, Santino is the second in a brood of six and was introduced to Boxing and trained by his father together with his older brother Aldrin at an early age.  Aldrin first came, trained, and fought in ALA Gym Cebu as an amateur fighter, but left before becoming a pro. Santino, who later followed suit, decided to stay on and turned pro in 2013.

Unlike most prospects with undefeated and/or impressive records, Santino lost his first pro fight to Roniel Parcon in August of 2013, and then again to Marlon Arcilla the year after, with two consecutive wins in between. He impressed his team, manager, and promoter with his win over veteran and former Philippines Super Bantamweight Champion Jerry Nardo in December of 2015. He took on another formidable opponent in veteran slugger and former Philippines Superfly and Bantamweight champion Marco “Singwancha” Demecillo. Demecillo had more than ten title fights and two foreign opponents’ experience over then budding Santisima who, much to the crowd’s surprise, took over their scheduled 8-round exchange in Pinoy Pride 35: Stars in the Making February of this year, forcing the more experienced Demecillo to turn his back and quit in the 6th round after receiving a hard blow to the body. It was Santisima’s 7th straight knockout victory, before he continued to score three more, improving to his present record of 12 wins with 11 sensational knockouts, 2 losses, and 0 draws.

Now considered as one of Philippines’ most promising fighters, Jeo “Santino” Santisima remains to be grateful to the chances this year his promoter, ALA Promotions, has given him. In an interview after his Nov. 26 K.O win against multi-international boxing champion Rex Wao under the Melindo-Sakkreerin Jr. IBF World championship in Cebu City, Santisima shared he is hopeful and more determined to become a future world champion, eager to show the world he has what it takes to become one of the biggest names in Philippine Boxing.

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