Manny Pacquiao takes to Twitter to ask fans who they want to see him fight

ABS-CBN Sports on Feb 14, 2017 10:36 AM
Pacquiao asks fans who they want to see him fight next
It looks like Manny's getting more and more Twitter-savvy.

And the confusion continues. 

After it was announced a few weeks back that Manny Pacquiao will be defending his WBO welterweight championship against Australian Jeff Horn, things slowly began to fall in question. 

First, the world champion-slash-Philippine Senator took to Instagram to ask fans who they wanted to see him fight next, after it was already announced that Horn was getting the shot. 


Who would you like my next opponent to be? #TeamPacquiao

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Then, just a few days ago, Pacman posted on Twitter, saying that his next fight would be in the United Arab Emirates.

The tweet caused a bit of confusion, as many people, inlcuding the Australian public, believed that the fight would be taking place Down Under. 

As per The Guardian, Pacquiao's adviser, Michael Koncz, cleared the air and announced that the fight would be happening in the Middle East, and apologized to the Australian public, saying UAE was always the preference, with Australia as a back-up. 

But that's not the latest chapter. 

Now, Pacquiao himself, has once againt put the Horn fight in doubt, as he took to Twitter to poll the fans on who they want to see him fight next. 

Spoiler: Jeff Horn got the lowest vote. 

Getting the most number of votes was Amir Khan, another name that has long been linked with Pacquiao. 

At this point, it really shouldn't be surprising anymore that a myriad of questions go up in the air before an official and final announcement is made as to who gets the next shot at the eight-time champion.

Like we've all done before, let's just sit, wait, and feel free to speculate.

Again, what's it gonna be, Manny?  

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