Pacquiao, Koncz confirm discussion with Khan camp

ABS-CBN Sports on Feb 23, 2017 03:52 PM
Pacquiao, Koncz confirm discussion with Khan camp
"“Still on going yong negotiation. May initial nang napag usapan pero hindi pa nafinalize." - Manny Pacquiao on fighting Amir Khan. (AP File Photo)

On today’s episode of “Who’s Manny Fighting Next?” we find out that the reports about Amir Khan are, in fact, not total “bullsh*t”, as Top Rank Boxing CEO Bob Arum said. 

At the groundbreaking of the Police Regional Office 12 building in General Santos City, reigning WBO welterweight world champion Manny Pacquiao reassured fans that he’ll be fighting this coming April. 

“Matutuloy pa din.” Pacquiao said. “Mag start na yong training natin at tinatapos lang trabaho natin. April wala namang trabaho sa senate yan dahil nasa vacation kami."

Manny then confirmed that he has been in fact, talking to Khan’s camp, but there aren’t any final details yet.

“Still on going yong negotiation. May initial nang napag usapan pero hindi pa nafinalize. Saka na siguro pag nabuo na para hindi ma pre empt yong usapan.” Pacquiao told the ABS-CBN Regional News Group. Pacman however didn’t close the door on his possible fight with Australian Olympian Jeff Horn pushing through. “Isa siya [Khan] sa mga pinagpipilian na makalaban sa April."

According to an interview with ABS-CBN’s Dyan Castillejo, Pacquiao’s adviser Michael Koncz confirmed that the Pacquiao and Khan camps have indeed engaged in talks, stemming from the Twitter poll that Pacquiao posted last week, with his former training partner emerging as the most popular potential opponent for the fighting senator. 

“Yeah as Manny posted today we are in negotiations with Amir and his group. We ran a poll a couple of weeks ago and I think we have 44,000 voters or something like that and Amir came in with a landslide victory so what our, Manny’s idea is, we did that poll for a couple of reasons but mainly we wanted to see what the fans want and Manny’s coming to the end of his career so we’re trying to do our best to give the fans what they want.” Koncz told Castillejo. 

Koncz believes that the Pacquiao-Khan fight is about giving fans what the really want to see. 

“Amir’s people also know we had that poll and they know of the results of the poll and I think if both sides… Amir’s the same way, I think he cares about his fans and wants to please his fans and I think that if both guys are reasonable and come to terms then we’ll have this fight happen in Dubai in April 23rd,”

He did, however, reiterate that while the two camps have been talking for a few days now, there is no truth that a verbal agreement has been reached. 

“No. I don’t know where that story came from but it’s not true but we have been talking privately for a few days so this is not something that just happened today”

As for the certainty of the fight pushing through, Koncz says that he can’t put anything in stone, but has a good feeling about it. 

“Can I promise to the people? No because it’s up to Amir but I’m feeling good and I hope that it does get done because right now I think, with all the available fighters out there, that’s the best fight for the fans that Manny can give right now. We have history so that makes it a little bit interesting too”

So, there you have it. Another interesting twist on the ongoing saga of “Who’s Manny Fighting Next?” With just about a couple of months left before April, we’ll probably have a clear and definite answer soon…at least, we hope. 



With reports from ABS-CBN Regional News Group and Dyan Castillejo

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