Manny Pacquiao, Amir Khan confirm April 23 bout

ABS-CBN Sports on Feb 26, 2017 06:12 PM
Pacquiao, Khan confirm April 23 bout
"...this is what the fans wanted" - Manny Pacquiao (AP Photo)

This week on "So who's Manny Fighting Next?", it appears as though we already have an answer, as both Manny Pacquiao and Amir Khan have confirmed that they're fighting each other on April 23.

It looks like th fans will be getting what the fans wanted after all. 

Recall a couple of weeks back, Pacquiao went to Twitter to ask his fans who they thought he should fight next, and among a pool made up of Amir Khan, Terence Crawford, Jeff Horn (who he was already supposedly scheduled to fight), and Kell Brook, it was Britain's Khan who garnered nearly half (48%) of the total votes. 

Then, last week, Pacquiao and his long-time adviser Michael Koncz confirmed that they were indeed in talks with Khan's camp, days after Top Rank CEO Bob Arum called the Pacquiao-Khan reports "total bullsh*t" (his words, not ours).
So far, no locations have been named, but the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States, (sorry, Australia) are possible choices.

So now, it looks like we've got a guaranteed match, right? They both tweeted about it, so that's got to be a done deal? Right?

But if you think about it, the Pacquiao-Horn fight was supposedly a done deal as well, so, yeah, so much for that. 

So for now, lets go with "yeah Manny's fighting Amir Khan on April 23", until a formal announcement or press conference is held, and then we can say that Manny is definitely fighting Khan on April 23. 

Stay tuned for further developments...we're sure there's more to come.

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