Juan Manuel Marquez's retirement cake was definitely a 'knockout'

ABS-CBN Sports on Aug 09, 2017 12:39 PM
JMM's retirement cake was definitely a 'knockout'
This, but in cake form. (AP PHOTO/JULIE JACOBSON)

Consider it one final jab at one of his biggest rivals. 

Last weekend, four-division boxing world champion Juan Manuel "Dinamita" Marquez made headlines, announcing his retirement after 24 years and 64 professional fights. 

Also going viral, was the cake that was given to JMM to celebrate his retirement. 

It was...a 'knockout' of a cake, pun intended. 


That right there, is one of, if not JMM's greatest boxing moment, immortalized on a cake. 

That is Marquez separating eight-division world champion and Filipino boxing legend Manny Pacquiao from his senses in their fourth and final meeting back in 2012. 

While there were no world championships on the line at the time, it was definitely a form of revenge for Marquez, who had lost to Pacquiao twice prior after fighting to a draw in their first ever meeting. 

Here's the moment in real time, for reference. 

While Pacquiao, who's still fighting to this day, may have gone on to do more compared to Marquez since the knockout, we're going to have to give the Mexican boxing legend the W for this one. 

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