Manny Pacquiao claims McGregor post was just a 'holiday greeting'

ABS-CBN Sports on Nov 28, 2017 01:06 PM
Pacquiao claims McGregor post was just a 'holiday greeting'
"Pagbati lang, kasi holiday season eh."

Manny Pacquiao has become quite the master of mystery, hasn't he?

Last week, the eight-division world champion sent out a post on social media, seemingly calling out UFC lightweight champion and Irish sensation Conor McGregor for a '#realboxingmatch'

Of course, the little Thanksgiving greeting sent the sports world into a bit of a frenzy, all speculating whether or not a Pacquiao-McGregor superfight was in the works. 

Well, according to the man himself, the post was simply just that, a holiday greeting, or so he says. 

After arriving in Manila, Pacquiao got to talk to ABS-CBN's Dyan Castillejo to clear things up, so to say. 


Pacquiao says his post greeting MMA Superstar Conor Mcgregor was just that a Thanksgiving greeting .

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"Pagbati lang, sa holiday season." Pacquiao said, with a devilish grin. 

Pacquiao, who says he has never met McGregor before, insists that the post was just a greeting for the holidays. 

What say you, Kapamilya? 

Is Manny telling the truth, or is he up to something?  

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