Glory over Gold: Juan Manuel Marquez reportedly turned down a hundred million for a fifth Pacquiao fight

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JMM reportedly turned down a $100M fifth Pacquiao fight
It's a lot of money - but honor, pride and what we did is more important than doing a fifth fight.” - Juan Manuel Marquez (Eric Jamison/Associated Press)

Back in 2012, Mexican boxing legend Juan Manuel Marquez scored what was possibly the biggest win of his career when he put Manny Pacquiao to sleep with a vicious right hand.

It was in the closing seconds of the sixth round, and after a late flurry, Pacquiao darted in, looking for a jab, but was met with a right straight from Marquez that separated him from his senses. It was the fourth in their series of matches, with the first going to a draw and the next two ending in Pacquiao’s favor.

Finally getting a W over Pacquiao, it was definitely one of JMM’s most memorable career highlights, as he left the would-be eight-division world champion laid out in the Pinoy boxing legend’s most violent loss.

In fact, Marquez cherished that win so much that he reportedly turned down an insane amount of money for a rematch against Pacquiao.

Speaking to ESPN Deportes via, Marquez revealed that investors in the Philippines were willing to pay him a cool hundred million dollars for a fifth Pacquiao fight that would be held in the Philippines.

“"There was an offer for a fifth fight against Pacquiao in the Philippines for $100 million dollars, and I refused in order to keep my honor and the glory of the fourth fight from 2012," said Marquez.

A hundred million dollars.

That’s around 5.4 BILLION PHP in today’s exchange rate, or over 1.9 BILLION Mexican Pesos.

Marquez further explains that while he was aware of how much money was being offered, more valuable was the result and the fact that he got the last laugh against one of the best boxers ever.

"It's a lot of money - but honor, pride and what we did is more important than doing a fifth fight.” Marquez said, adding that he was wary of a potential hometown decision. “Let's pretend that the fifth fight would happen. How about if I get robbed in the fight, we do not know what can happen, he's capable of hitting me with the right shot and hurting me badly. So I would place myself at risk. The glory and what we did in 2012 is worth more than that amount they were offering,"

After knocking Pacquiao out in 2012, Marquez fought twice more, losing to Timothy Bradley in 2013 and then winning his final fight against Mike Alvarado in 2014.

At 44, Marquez finally called it a career earlier this year, retiring with a 56-7 professional record with 40 KOs. 

While in the long run, Pacquiao will have accomplished more than Marquez in the boxing world, but the Mexican boxing legend will always have the prestige of saying that he knocked Manny Pacquiao out during his peak years.

And no amount of money will amount to that. Not even a hundred-mill.


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H/T: ESPN Deportes.

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