WATCH: Floyd Mayweather Jr. shoots some hoops before flying out to Palawan

ABS-CBN Sports on May 08, 2018 11:16 AM
Mayweather Jr. shoots some hoops before flying to Palawan
Floyd Mayweather Jr. took time out to show Pinoy fans how wet his jumper is. (Photo courtesy of Dyan Castillejo on Twitter)

While most Filipinos don't exactly agree with Floyd Mayweather Jr's outspoken nature and his brash style when it comes to his life and and out of the ring, there are a couple of things that the retired boxing star shares with Pinoy sports fans: the love for basketball. 

Mayweather Jr. has been seen courtside at NBA games on multiple occasions.

Upon arriving to Manila Tuesday morning, Mayweather Jr. fielded some questions from the media, and in one of his responses, he touched on the Filipino's love for the sport of basketball, something that he says he has as well. 

"...Manny Pacquiao, as well as other Filipino fighters, they have a lot of talented fighters over here, and of course they know a lot about boxing, they know a lot about basketball." Mayweather Jr. said. "My love for boxing and my love for basketball is unbelievable, so I'm happy to be over here, meet the fans, meet the people, do different things, feel the culture, feel the people, it's great to be over here."

So before jetting to Palawan Tuesday morning, Money Mayweather took a moment to get some shots up in a hoop installed in what appears to be an airport hangar. 

"Floyd, you ball?"

"Yeah, I train, like NBA train..."


Truly, #BallisLife for Floyd. 

After swishing some shots, Mayweather ran out to board his jet and head to paradise. 


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