Publicist: Pacquiao rushed to hospital days before Matthysse fight

ABS-CBN Sports on Jul 19, 2018 10:23 PM
Pacquiao rushed to hospital days before Matthysse fight
Manny Pacquiao was advised by physicians to call his title fight with Lucas Matthysse off. (AP Photo/Yam G-Jun)

Sunday morning in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Manny Pacquiao put on a dominant performance to stop Argentinian Lucas Matthysse to capture the WBA (Regular) Welterweight World Championship.

Pacquiao finished Matthysse off in seven rounds to earn his first knockout win since 2009, and it got everyone talking again, calling it a vintage Manny Pacquiao performance.

As it turns out, the lead up to the fight didn’t go as swimmingly as the fight itself did.

In an article by Pacquiao’s publicist Aquiles Zonio on, the eight division boxing world champion was rushed to the Cardinal Santos Memorial Hospital on the afternoon of July 8 - seven days prior to the Matthysse fight - after he complained of difficulty breathing on multiple occasions.

Zonio noted that Pacquiao underwent an angiogram to see if there was anything wrong with his heart.

“An angiogram is a test used to detect heart problems. 

During the procedure, a long and thin flexible tube called a catheter was inserted into Pacquiao’s wrist all the way up to his heart. A dye was injected and x-ray pictures were taken. 

Based on medical information, the special dye allows the X-rays to capture pictures of coronary arteries and highlights where the clogs or narrowed spots may be located. 

Pacquiao together with about four or five members of his inner circle accompanied him to Cardinal Santos Memorial Hospital in Manila around 3:00 p.m. on July 8 to undergo an angiogram.”

According to Zonio, Pacquiao’s family and training team were unaware of this incident. The boxer-slash-senator kept it to himself so as to keep anyone from worrying.”

What’s more is that Pacquiao was advised to call of his upcoming bout against Matthysse after it was revealed that he was suffering from an inborn heart ailment.

Pacquiao of course protested, and was made to sign a waiver.

In the end, the fight pushed through, as we all witnessed, and Pacquiao put on an all-time great performance to make him an eleven-time world champion.

The pre-fight drama certainly made Pacquiao's success all the more sweet. 

Watching Pacquiao’s domination of the Argentinian former champion, would you have guessed that his week leading up to the fight was this turbulent?



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