The 2015 AFC Asian Cup Kicks off this January

Santino Honasan on Jan 03, 2015 02:45 PM
2015 AFC Asian Cup Kicks off this January
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Sixteen of Asia’s best booters converge down under as the 2015 AFC Asian Cup kicks off in Australia this January as they battle for a spot in the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup in Russia.

The tournament will take place from the ninth to the 31st of January, and matches will be held in five host cities, namely Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Canberra, and Melbourne. 

The teams will be divided among four groups, with host country Australia leading Group A, along with 2011 third placers South Korea (Korea Republic), Oman, and one-time champs Kuwait.

Group B includes Uzbekistan, three-time champions Saudi Arabia, China, and 2012 AFC Challenge Cup Champions North Korea (Korea DPR).

Group C will be composed of former three-time consecutive winners Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Bahrain. 

Rounding out the competition will be Group D, represented by 2011 AFC Asian Cup Champions Japan, Jordan, 2007 AFC Asian Cup Champions IR Iraq, and the debuting 2014 AFC Challenge Cup Champions Palestine.

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January 9, Friday, 10:30 pm: Australia vs. Kuwait

January 10, Saturday, 11:00 pm: South Korea (Korea Republic) vs. Oman

January 11, Sunday, 11:00 pm: IR Iran vs. Bahrain

January 12, Monday, 10:30 pm: Japan vs. Palestine

January 13, Tuesday, 11:00 pm: Kuwait vs. South Korea (Korea Republic)

January 14, Wednesday, 11:00 pm: North Korea (Korea DPR) vs. Saudi Arabia

January 15, Thursday, 10:30 pm: Qatar vs. IR Iran

January 16, Friday, 10:30 pm: Palestine vs. Jordan

January 17, Saturday, 11:00 pm: Australia vs. South Korea (Korea Repulic)

January 18, Sunday, 11:00 pm: China vs. North Korea (Korea DPR)

January 19, Monday, 10:30 pm: IR Iran vs. United Arab Emirates

January 20, Tuesday, 11:00 pm: Japan vs Jordan

January 22, Thursday, 10:30 pm: Quarterfinals (Group A Winner vs. Group B Runner-up)

January 23, Friday, 10:30 pm: Quarterfinals (Group D Winner vs. Group C Runner-up)

January 26, Monday, 10:30 pm: Semifinals (Match 25 Winner vs. Match 27 Winner)

January 27, Tuesday, 11:00 pm: Semifinals (Match 26 Winner vs. Match 28 Winner)

January 30, Friday, 10:30 pm: Third Place Match

January 31, Saturday, 11:00 pm: Final

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