First Eleven: DLSU's Nathan Alquiros

Santino Honasan on Jan 19, 2015 01:43 PM
First Eleven: DLSU's Nathan Alquiros
DLSU's Nathan Alquiros (10)

On First Eleven, we catch up with your favorite collegiate booters, ask them eleven questions and find out the first thing that comes to their minds.

Today, we feature De La Salle's Nathan Alquiros. The 5th year winger has been instrumental to the Green Archers this year, helping them to a three win-three draw record with 12 points and a third place league standing.


FULL NAME: Nathan Alquiros



Who’s your favorite football player?

Lionel Messi


What’s your favorite football team?



What’s your favorite thing about football?

Basically my favorite thing is playing, and just making great plays. It's very fulfilling.


If you weren’t playing football, what would you be doing?

Not sure, I really can't think of anything else.


Who’s your favorite team to play against?

My favorite team to play against is Ateneo. It's always an intense match!


Who’s your favorite television or cartoon character?

Si Yusuke Urameshi. (Ghost Fighter)


If you were to be stuck on an island, what are the three things that you would bring?

Food, water, and my girlfriend? (laughs)


Who’s your hero in life?

My dad. he inspires me a lot.


Who’s your favorite celebrity?

Christian Bale


What’s your dream job?

Professional Football Player


If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing that you’d do?

For sure I'd donate half.

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