Dooley, Palami open to Schrock Return

Santino Honasan on Mar 17, 2015 02:48 PM
Dooley, Palami open to Schrock Return
"Would he be someone who can help us? Yes he would. But itís about personality, that needs to fit.Ē

Former Azkal Stephan Schrock won’t be suiting up for the Azkals in Bahrain, as confirmed by Azkals Head Coach Thomas Dooley during last Monday’s Press Conference. However, Dooley also admitted that the Fil-German midfielder did reach out to his former coach and issued an apology.

““First of all, he never asked me about being part of the team, second, he texted me with an apology, he apologized and I accepted his apology, and I said, yeah everybody makes a mistake, he’s young, so I personally take his apology.” Dooley told the media.

Last year, during Dooley’s first year at the helm of the Philippine National Football team, there was a highly publicized falling out between the new Azkals coach, Schrock, and two other players in keeper Neil Etheridge and defender Dennis Cagara.

While Etheridge has made his way back and will be joining the squad in Bahrain later this month for a training camp and an International Friendly match, Dooley says that Schrock may need to do more than just sending an apology text.

“There might be, has to be something more than just texting me to say that “I’m sorry, what I did was wrong. “ to come back to the National Team. But he didn’t say anything about wanting to come back to the National Team, and stuff like that. We will see how that goes.”

The former USA Team captain did say that he isn’t ruling out the possibility that Schrock could one day rejoin the Azkals if issues are mended.

“Again, there are things that he has said that’s not true. That needs to be corrected, and if that’s corrected, I think there would be a door open.”

Dooley went on to state that Schrock could be someone that would provide some much needed help for the Azkals.

“Yeah, I never said he’s a bad player, first of all. I said he is a good player, he’s one of the better players. If he is a great player, if he’s better than somebody else, I don’t see that. Would he be someone who can help us? Yes he would. But it’s about personality, that needs to fit.”

For Team Manager Dan Palami, he remain positive that things will be worked out and that Schrock may find his way back into the National Team roster.

“I think at the end of the day, this particular desire to play for the country as well as win for the country will somehow pave the way for players like Schrocky to return. The same thing happened with Neil [Etheridge], and I think, after talking to the coach, things have been more clear for both parties, and Neil is joining us in Bahrain. I’m optimistic that the same thing will happen for Schrocky.

Only time will tell if Schrock will indeed finally suit up once again for the Azkals. For now however, the team will need to focus on preparations for the upcoming World Cup Qualifiers which kicks off in June.

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