Phil and James Younghusband perfectly represent chaos and control

Tricia Robredo on Jul 07, 2015 10:58 AM
The Younghusbands: chaos and control
“Spot on. Phil is the chaos one, I'm the more responsible one – more controlled, more calm. Phil is the one I have to control.” - James Younghusband.

Growing up patronizing the brand and now two of the most popular and celebrated football players of the Philippines, Phil and James Younghusband carry the latest adidas X15 and ACE15. These world-class boots were designed for both fashion and function, for chaos and control.  

The solar yellow X15s are meant for creative playmakers; a perfect fit for Phil, who plays a striker. The black and yellow ACE15s, on the other hand, are for the ones always in control – “unbeatable in the attacks and unbreakable on defense”. This is quite a treat for midfielder James.

Inside the field, these boots seem to fit them like a glove. But outside of the game, are they still accurate representations of the Younghusband brothers?

“Spot on. Phil is the chaos one,” James blurted as soon as the question was raised. “I’m the more responsible one – more controlled, more calm. Phil is the one I have to control.” While younger sibling Phil agreed, he also told us that he thinks has matured a lot recently and that they actually have a little bit of both characteristics. “It’s important to identify the situation and I’d say we know when to pick our ace and we know when to pick our chaos.”

Being only months apart, Phil and James share a very close relationship. “We’ve grown up together being the best of friends, and that’s how our mum and dad raised us to be like. They want us to be there for each other, always being reminded that family comes first.”

On and off the field, these gentlemen look out for each other. They complement one another, but also never hesitate to correct the sib when needed. “And I think that’s what makes us a good tandem – we know each other inside and out, but we’re not exactly the same person,” James remarked.

In the simplest of things, there’s already a striking difference between the two. For instance, James, who claimed to have the better shoe game, shared that when it comes to footwear, he prefers the hip and flashy kicks. Ones that everyone would stare at when you enter the room. Phil, on the other hand, is more of a plain sneaker guy. Of the pairs of shoes he owns, his favorites are the all white and baby blue Stan Smiths.

Looking far off into the future, they plan on becoming coaches after retiring from playing. When the time comes, they would still want for them to be a team. Kind of like what they’re doing now with their soccer academy.

But before that happens, Phil teased that it would be amusing to see how it’s like to go against his older brother in an organized game. “We’ve always been together actually. But having it otherwise, that I’d be interested to see.”

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