Micronesian football squad gets scored on 46 times

Santino Honasan on Jul 08, 2015 11:07 AM
Micronesian football squad gets scored on 46 times
Jonathan Kaltak scored 16 of Vanuatu's 46 conversions. (Photo credits to Kevin Darling's Twitter account: @darlingkevin)

For a football team, getting scored on isn’t a good feeling. Getting scored on more than once gets a bit more painful.

Well then, it must have been downright traumatic for a young Micronesian football squad after they got scored on 46 times. Forty-six.

Vanuatu defeated Micronesia by that many goals last Tuesday at the Pacific Games under-23 tournament in Papua New Guinea. This comes after the same Micronesian squad was destroyed by Fiji by 38 goals just days before, and 30 goals by Tahiti before that.

In three games, that’s a total of 114 goals given up.

The 46-conversion match though, was not just because Vanuatu wanted to bury the Micronesian squad deeper. In fact, the pressure was on Vanuatu’s side, as they needed to win by at least 38 points to be able to move on into the next round.

Unfortunately for Vanuatu, their massive win was for naught as they settled for third place.

Jean Kaltak scored 16 of Vanuatu’s 46 goals. That’s five hat-tricks and a kicker. He has also christened himself the Vanutatan incarnation of Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi rolled into one. (We're kidding.)

As originally posted by SI.com, reporter Kevin Darling was on location to cover the football match, and reported that the scorekeeper had left somewhere in the 42-0 mark.

Darling later tweeted that the scorekeeper did come back


HT: SI.com

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