Ref pulls out gun during football match

ABS-CBN Sports on Sep 29, 2015 10:21 PM
Ref pulls out gun during football match
Have you ever been so sick of handing out cards that you just decide to pull out a gun?

Being a referee can be quite taxing, whatever the sport may be.

Being a football referee in Brazil, we would imagine, can be a lot worse. Imagine having to deal with the complaints of some of the most passionate football players on the planet? Yeesh.

Well, one particular official for a minor league match in Brazil apparently got fed up and pulled a gun out during a football match.

Yes, the referee was packing heat.

Gabriel Murta, who was an officer of the law when he wasn’t officiating football matches, was getting kicked and slapped by some players and was getting belittled by the team manager.

Murta then went into the lockers and came out, looking to hand out some penalties via a pistol.

Whether Murta was really going to get violent with someone, or just wanted to scare the living daylights out of some people, isn’t certain.

Of course, Murta is bound to get punished, but undergo some psychological testing before a sanction is brought down.

Also, if Murta really works on the force, expect that he’s gonna be facing some form of punishment there as well.

Watch the madness below:


H/T: Bleacher Report

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