Leo Messi gets an autographed Steph Curry jersey

ABS-CBN Sports on Dec 05, 2015 09:30 AM
Leo Messi gets an autographed Steph Curry jersey
"Thanks so much to the great Stephen Curry for sending me a signed jersey to congratulate me for reaching 30 million followers on Instagram. As soon as you get 10M I'll send you mine! " - via @leomessi on Instagram

What do you do when you reach 30 million followers on Instagram?

Safe to say not a lot of us have that many followers on social media. You know who does though? Lionel Messi. Just the perks of being a superstar soccer player and world-famous athlete, really.

To show thanks to his 30 (Well, actually 30.2 million, as of posting) followers on Instagram, Messi posted his first-ever kit that he wore with FC Barcelona, which coincidentally sported the number 30.



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Aside from that, Leo also got a special gift from another, world-famous superstar athlete who happens to also wear the three-zero.

Any guesses?

That’s right, Leo got an autographed Steph Curry jersey, from the reigning MVP himself.



Leo also said that once Steph gets his first 10 million Instagram followers, he’s got an autographed Messi kit coming his way. Pretty nice gesture between two world-class athletes.

Again, it’s just another case of greatness recognizing greatness. 

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